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July, 1942.  


A top-secret Allied cargo intended for the French Resistance has been loaded aboard the dilapidated transport plane "Eightball Charlie".

Saboteurs plan to steal this payload and drop it over enemy territory.  But they've overlooked one crucial detail - a tiny, courageous mouse who will risk everything to try and stop them.

Meet Bumble Humblestone, mouse mechanic and the father of modern mousepionage.

Big heroes come in small sizes.

is an historical fiction action/adventure novel for young readers 9-12.  It is 232 pages with 80 illustrations.

The story reveals one of the little-known (but true) and ingenious ways the Allies outwitted the enemy by using creativity and brains instead of bullets and brawn.

Elements of the plot are factual and are based on material that has only recently been declassified, and the story's MacGuffin is real.

Now available in paperback and eBook on Amazon:

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